“Morning Mood”


From suite “Peer Gynt”

Level : 1 – novice

practice instructions PDF
music sheet PDF
“soloist plus orchestra” demo MP3
“minus soloist” play-along mp3
Synthesia video tutorial

Length: 1min 41sec

Format: downloadable

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Edward Grieg is a great champion of Norwegian music, art and theater. This is why the great Norwegian writer Henrik Ibsen asked Grieg to write music for his theatrical play “Peer Gynt”. It’s about a young man, a son of once reach merchant who lost all his fortune, leaving young Peer and his mother to live in poverty. Peer wants to restore his father’s good name and fortune, and embarks upon a travel around the world, visits many distant countries where he meets some real and fairy characters. “Morning Mood” depicts the rising of the sun, which finds Peer Gynt stranded in the Moroccan desert, after his companions took his  ship and abandoned him there while he slept. In Ibsen’s book this scene begins with the following description: “A grove of palms and acacias at dawn”…This song often features in movies and cartoons around the world.

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