“Symphony n.40”


Level : 2 – intermediate beginner

practice instructions PDF
music sheet PDF
“soloist plus orchestra” demo MP3
“minus soloist” play-along mp3
Synthesia video tutorial

Length: 2min 39sec

Format: downloadable

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Mozart was 32 years old when he composed his 40th symphony, which is until this day considered to be one of his most ingenious works. The composer himself was very fond of it, and described it (along with symphonies n. 30 and 41) as his “appeal to eternity”. Another great composer, Robert Schumann, said that this music possesses a “Grecian lightness and grace”. Most critics agree that Symphony n.40 is tragic in tone and intensely emotional; in their words, it is “a work of passion, violence, and grief”. The main theme is immediately recognizable by most everyone.

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